New blog…

I have started another blog. Some of the comments in the last post have no links, so if you would like to keep reading please email me at with a link to your own blog and I will get back to you…

Thanks for all the support and encouragement you have given me in the past!


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Hmmm…what to do?

When I wrote the last post I was at breaking point.

I thought that a stalker from my past had resurfaced because of some spam I got (lots of mentions of his very specific nickname) but after getting the husband to look at it we think it is a coincidence.

Then there’s the ex SIL. 

Can you believe? Hacking into my Facebook account! She had been reading all the messages, viewing albums I had blocked from her (I was trying to be nice – I thought it would hurt her feelings if she saw us all out having a good time without her at my Mum’s birthday) and finally put her foot in it with my brother when she mentioned something I had written in a message on FB. We figured out she had been doing it for 7 months! What if I had been writing dirty messages to the hubbie! LOL! Yes, I can laugh about XSIL’s actions now – what else can I do? I’ve blocked her and changed my password to something so complex I have difficulty remembering it…

What to do about this blog? I don’t really want to go private again, and miss writing…but due to my job as the head of ASIO it’s hard. I don’t want randoms stumbling across this and realising who I am. I may never live it down…maybe to protect myself, and to honour old ANON, I should adopt the title and be ANON2.

And while I’m poking fun at Anon, how funny was it that s/he left a comment admitting s/he was still reading and wanted an invite! Ah, Anon…how you make us giggle with your tantie throwing. My writing’s like a drug, isn’t it? YOU WANT MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over and out readerzzzzz


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In other news…

My ex SIL has hacked into my Facebook page and I know that that the loser nutcase from my past has found this blog. You must have nothing better to do.

I’m going private again – please leave your email and a link to your own blog if you want to come with me.

What a pair of fuckwits.


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