In other news…

My ex SIL has hacked into my Facebook page and I know that that the loser nutcase from my past has found this blog. You must have nothing better to do.

I’m going private again – please leave your email and a link to your own blog if you want to come with me.

What a pair of fuckwits.



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30 responses to “In other news…

  1. Oh no! I’m gutted 😦

    I’d love to come with you as you go private, what would I do without my cranky?

  2. Joc

    That sucks big time!

    I’d love to come with you. By the way the link you have to me on your sidebar for When I grow up is for my old blog, I am now blogging at because I’m all grown up now and all that lol

  3. I am no fuckwit, so send me an invite to ya ‘new’ blog… what a pain for you!

  4. how ridiculous – count me in x

  5. Joc

    I left a comment earlier, but it doesn’t seem to have posted, but please count me in, and if my original comment turns up I apolgise for the double comments 😉

  6. Nola

    Farking hell !!! What a pain……take me with you!!!! Send me the invite please 🙂

  7. CKK

    Larry loser. I’m in, ploise!

  8. Ali

    Ugh, that sucks. 😦

    I’d like an invite please.

  9. I’m along for the ride whereever it takes us. Psycho ex sister in laws NOT INVITED

  10. Yes, please include me.

  11. Sarah

    Count me in.

  12. Would love to be invited along too… i love your blog!


  13. Cass

    Hi Cranky!

    Man you know some psychos! Including me! Just kidding sweetie – seriously I would love to read your ‘new private’ blog – Count me in!

    Cass (promise I will be visit the HI soon)

  14. May I come along for the ride too?

  15. I would love to be invited too. Thank you.

  16. Kirsty

    Please count me in…

  17. Anon

    that’s REALLY annoying cause even though i said i’m not reading, i AM!!!! guess i’m not invited though??

  18. Claire

    Would like to be able to drop in from time to time to see how life and teaching is treating you xx

  19. Ri

    Me too! Count me in!! I can’t believe someone hacked into your facebook!

  20. Tanya

    Hi, I’d like to keep reading too pleeeeease 🙂 That’s really sucky that you need to resort to this due to a couple of idiots..

  21. Can I come too? Pretty pretty please?

  22. Hi Cranky,

    I thought I’d responded, but maybe I got sidetracked before hitting submit comment button.

    It’s not often I comment, but I still do read. May I tag along for the ride still?

  23. me too please… sorry to hear about all these dramas

  24. cat =^..^=

    the insanity is astounding. i wish to cross over with you!!!!

  25. Kate

    Yes please, I wanna come too !

  26. I don’t comment here often, but I keep up to date regularly. Please take me with you!

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