Hmmm…what to do?

When I wrote the last post I was at breaking point.

I thought that a stalker from my past had resurfaced because of some spam I got (lots of mentions of his very specific nickname) but after getting the husband to look at it we think it is a coincidence.

Then there’s the ex SIL. 

Can you believe? Hacking into my Facebook account! She had been reading all the messages, viewing albums I had blocked from her (I was trying to be nice – I thought it would hurt her feelings if she saw us all out having a good time without her at my Mum’s birthday) and finally put her foot in it with my brother when she mentioned something I had written in a message on FB. We figured out she had been doing it for 7 months! What if I had been writing dirty messages to the hubbie! LOL! Yes, I can laugh about XSIL’s actions now – what else can I do? I’ve blocked her and changed my password to something so complex I have difficulty remembering it…

What to do about this blog? I don’t really want to go private again, and miss writing…but due to my job as the head of ASIO it’s hard. I don’t want randoms stumbling across this and realising who I am. I may never live it down…maybe to protect myself, and to honour old ANON, I should adopt the title and be ANON2.

And while I’m poking fun at Anon, how funny was it that s/he left a comment admitting s/he was still reading and wanted an invite! Ah, Anon…how you make us giggle with your tantie throwing. My writing’s like a drug, isn’t it? YOU WANT MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over and out readerzzzzz



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8 responses to “Hmmm…what to do?

  1. Linda J

    Too funny Crank ‘o meister! Sad about the ex SIL. She’ll move on eventually…

    Glad you’re kinda back on deck. Just do what you do and f*ck ’em! what have you got to live down?!
    Didja end up going to see Craig Harper? I didn’t make it, but guess what?

    I was sitting in a meeting at work when the big kahuna announced that during our next management off-site, he wanted to get a speaker to talk on the subject of coaching.

    Well, HR said so-and-so organisational consultant was available and how about you-know-who business speaker. At this point, I jumped up, and said “I’ll organise the whole bloody conference! Leave it all to me!”

    The boss says rightio, Linda’s on the job, everyone. Let her know if you’ve got any suggestions.

    Back at my desk, I’m onto CH’s agent asking can he come to Sydney as our guest speaker.

    You guessed it. He’s a coming.

    Master stroke or what?!

  2. anon

    i wouldn’t say it’s like a drug, i just think you are too funny not to read – not funny ha ha, but funny cause it’s like a bad movie that you need to see the end of, it’s a total waste of your time and you know deep within you’ll never get that time back but what the heck…

    you bloggers are so paranoid, i don’t understand it. why do you put it out there and then get upset when people read and comment? can you answer that? all of you – all the bloggers who will jump up and down about Anon and my so called nasty comments… tell me!!!

    ASIO – you might land yourself in some seriously hot water b/s’ing about such things btw….

  3. ChaCha DeGorio

    I’m not a blogger, but I can answer that question. Crank didn’t get upset and over what you commented on. She got upset that you have searched the internet for yourself. Desperately searched and then read her private thoughts.

    She is under a psuedonym for a reason. If she wanted her family to read, she’d have sent a xmas card with the address in it.

    So, you see, it’s plain and simple. She is happy for others to read, just not you. We aren’t talking about other bloggers, we’re talking about this blogger and she chooses not to have her number #2 stalker knowing what’s going on with her life.

    That’s my guess..

  4. Hi ckranky….i hope everything works out for you re ANON. If you end up going private count me in

  5. Hey chick

    Have you set this up for blind people because as I comment it is set at about 28 size!!

    Hope you are over stalkersville etc and still blogging.

    If it’s private again, can I have an invite please??

  6. Where the fk are ya Crank??? If you are blogging somewhere else can you email me the link please??? I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  7. Nola

    I’m with wanna!! Get your bloody arse into gear and give us a blog!! If you are going private then bloody go and then send me the invite!!!….either way, get blogging:)

  8. cat =^..^=

    double for me. cranky lets us know whats happening!!!!!! we miss you. XO

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