About cranky

I’m fat, and sick of it. This hasn’t always been the case – I got married last year and put in a solid, food tracking, gym visiting effort to get on down to 87kg for the wedding. After it, as I finished my Masters and started a brand new career, I piled it back on, and now, less than a year later, I find myself 103kg! Holy shit! That’s dedication to sabotage! Sick of spending money on quick fixes, I am blogging publically after a stint in the land of password protection. I love bad music, stencilling, and roti. I am a vegetarian. I am married with a 8kg dog and a husband called Chops. I am positive, opionated, passionate, and porky. But not for much longer, dear reader, not for much longer…  


One response to “About cranky

  1. cat =^..^=

    ms cranky bee,

    been missing your brand of wisdom and humour. have changed email addresses and am not sure how to get back into HI. my weight too is increasing and want to stop the explosion before the embarrassment of larger uniform sizes descends.
    i need you gals. pllleeeeease help, i miss y’all.

    loving your work
    cat =^..^= 🙂 XXXOOO

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